Kyle “Ky-Yell” Helisek

A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Ky-Yell suffers from an unconfirmed and likely fictitious condition known as “negative buoyancy”. So if you see him drowning in the Danube, please throw him his floaties. An international man of mystery around Ross, the halls whisper “Who is he?” While a literal mute in his classes, he is loud in his trash talking. He may be out of your league but he does respond to constant and unrelenting requests for his friendship, just ask any of the other Leaders. Kyle also played professional baseball but he’s very embarrassed and does not want to talk about it. When he’s not deadlifting BBAs in the Och Fitness Center…we don’t quite know what he does. But rest assured on this trip, this social butterfly will FLY! No, SOAR! Just make sure to steer him away from any casinos.