Laura Jakosky

Never fear, just in case you get sick of bankers and consultants, Laura is here! She has a knack for running into things and getting hurt (she’ll be your first aid manager, BTW), but she’s a mean negotiator and can talk herself out of (almost) anything. Like the time she showed up at Chipotle after the Ross Wine Club Country Club party, started crying about burritos, and now always eats there free. Laura is a published bacon chef but has also modeled in Fitness Magazine, and still can’t understand why we think women are so confusing. But hey, she’s President of the coolest Section at Ross (threeeeeee!) so whatever.

  • Words of Wisdom: Be nice to the Ross Starbucks baristas. Let’s be honest, they’ll be your best friends in bschool
  • Favorite thing to do on the internet: Tie between harassing companies on Twitter, shopping for spandex outfits and google-stalking people
  • What her Vietnam First Aid kit will include: multiple forms of pain kills (hangovers), butter knife (when she locks herself out of her hotel room, again), gold tooth (because Poodle always loses them), extra animal print for theme dress up night, 3 USB drives, epi-pens (Laura is allergic to everything), dental floss, an inflatable zebra, spare sunglasses (for when you all drop yours off the boat), more cow bell (to keep track of Manny), half-eaten sandwich, safety goggles (when shit gets real), rubber gloves (to speed up the TSA check process), Emergen-C (hangovers)a