Laura “M’Lady” Malecky

Laura hails from Richmond, aka Pittsburgh, but don’t let her fake southern charm fool you: this Tauber queen keeps her friends close but her enemies closer. You will never know when Laura is truly displeased, but look out for that dangerous soft smile. She’s like a chameleon and can thrive in any environment, from the deep woods of western Massachusetts to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. She now resides in a lovely two-bedroom apartment she shares with Kimby, where she can be found cooking anything and everything in butter and stealing blankets, tupperware, and hearts. Every day you’ll wonder: are Kimby and Laura in a domestic partnership? By the end of this trip, it will still be unclear. At Sonoma, Laura will be offering flights of La Croix (their stock may be down but market share is up thanks to her patronage). She will also be the only person in Las Vegas requesting kombucha at the club. We anticipate that Laura will lead nightly reflection sessions for the group, where we will think deeply about gender, race, and the next Bachelor contestant.