Lauren, aka “L-Boogie”

Lauren aka “L-Boogie” moved to Ann Arbor from Brooklyn, NY where she was leading CX initiatives at startups you’ve never heard of.  This self-proclaimed “Mystery Auntie”  will be the sounding board to help you transition to grad school life, while also making sure you make it through mystery trek in one piece.  Lauren won last year’s “Spirit Animal” award because she’s always looking for the next move…even if that next move is the walking tour scheduled for the following day. When not taking over karaoke bars, or stealing stranger’s shutter shades at the CLERB, Lauren is working towards her goal of meeting every MBA student at Ross. She literally knows everyone, and that will come in handy when you’re going through recruiting.  Knowing her is to know the #rossdifference.

Ask her about: Clubs @ Ross (including LIVE), how to embrace the “grades don’t matter” mentality

Don’t ask her about: MBA Games, Consulting recruiting (jk, you can), losing her shutter shades in Amsterdam