Lauren Pfeiffer


There are few better people at Ross to lead a group on a wild journey into SE Asia than Lauren. A marathon runner who will out-athlete any of the other leaders at any time, this former Blue Devil is a perpetual woman on a mission. Whether that’s winning recruiting, becoming the Marketing Club president, or furiously doing the Macarena in a club in Cambodia, Pfeiffer is just like her immaculate Instagram account: a must-follow. With a background in PR, Lauren came to Ross to rule the world of sports marketing, which no one doubts will happen. When she’s running the Olympics in a few years, just remember: you heard it here first. If you can’t find her in the gym or talking to important people in high places, she’s most likely cheering on Duke basketball (<3 Grayson Allen), dancing on top of the Ross BUS, winning staring contests, chomping on cookies from Seigle (God, she loves cookies), or rocking ASICS while crushing work in Kresge. Lauren knows absolutely too much about Thailand and Malaysia, and can’t wait to drop all that knowledge on an unforgettable trip.