Ledge “Old Man Ledge; Sweet Baby Ledge” Greenfield

Meet Ledge aka Old Man Ledge aka Sweet Baby Ledge (confusing, I know) Greenfield. No, that’s not the preferred growth strategy for his favorite type of ribbon belt, but you certainly won’t miss him rocking the latest in New England fashion trends while defending his Patriots flag at the top of Bunker Hill. Our favorite homebody New England stan boy took his passion for prep from wealth management in DC to all seven continents (in his head) prior to his Ross experience. While he previously has managed to visit Central America, he is happy to take his Hyundai “smaht pahk”TM to a slice of the continent that hasn’t experienced his magnificence quite yet. Known to fall hard for his passions, including FinTech club, rehabilitating a busted back, and oh so sweetly pitching for venture capital money, he is sure to throw his weight behind the dance floor, and if his back survives, your experience, from the Caves to Cayes of Belize.