Leslie Chang

Leslie wishes she could keep more of her houseplants in good health, but Internet plant lady fame just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. On the bright side, she’s stoked to go on MTrek with THE ABSOLUTE BEST CREW. Leslie hails from the Yay Area, and has oddly found herself defending the sunniness of her home region to many people at Ross. She also loves finding great hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Ypsi, working out, researching public transit, discussing Still Processing with Billy, eating cheese samples at Lucky’s, and aggressively pre-parking in the Midwest in a manner that is completely uncalled for.

Before b school, Leslie was a podcast host/producer reporting on environmental science and tech. She can nerd out about the Anthropocene, Silicon Valley, and anything podcast related til the cows come home. So of course, it makes perfect sense that this summer she will be working at a skincare start-up in New York. The truth is, Leslie Chang is not always good for a like on IG, but she’s always great for the most solid high five you’ve ever received IRL. She’ll be practicing her Spanish and stocking up on sunscreen all summer.