Liz “Step into My Office” Kane

The purest form of a beltway insider, Liz grew up in Washington, D.C. (adjacent) and broke a serious mental sweat working for a healthcare “Think Tank ” before coming to Ross. Make her happy by quoting West Wing and always ordering her a (double) vodka soda or gigantic Coors Lights at the bar, even in Prague. She almost got kicked out of middle school for bullying so if you’re caught empty-handed at the bar, you’ll pay your dues in the form of a shot. Liz is a VP in Consulting Club and full President of the “Soulja Boy actually has pretty good music” fan club. A big proponent of the post-lunch nap, you’ll find her lounging on the beach inside the hotel in Siofok while working hard to avoid Colleen’s Smirnoff Ice terrorism. Liz will jump off any boat you put her on (even when it’s on land) and keep the party going at the pool after hours.