Lucy “Silent Killer” Ai

We never know when she’s going to strike, but it can happen at any time. There are no warnings, but when the lights dim, the bass starts bumping, and the strobe light starts spinning, Lucy will hit you with her signature dance moves that keep the party going all night long! That, or a sarcastic comment the next morning, some of which are so savage they require at least nine hospital visits. Lucy is our Magic 8 Ball of tough love and witty comebacks and the mystical force that keeps us grounded. An Ann Arbor native, Lucy graduated from Columbia University and did consulting in NYC before shipping up to Boston, where she pushed the limits of disruptive ride-sharing technology services. At Ross, she follows her passions for Tech and mobility in the Wolverine Venture Fund and creates fun yet educational events as VP of Engagement at Auto & Mobility Club. You’ll be in good hands with Lucy in the driver’s seat!

Her natural habitat: a dark room with videogames

Ask her about: AI vehicles (no pun intended), her dagger collection, Mulan cosplay outfits