MacCalvin Romain

In his previous life, MacCalvin was a marketer in the tech space and a D1 basketball player! For some reason we still don’t understand, this shooting guard decided to leave everything behind and come to Ann Arbor Ross. At Ross he is the proud president of the Basketball Club (yeah, definitely a step up from D1, right!). MacCalvin is also part of the Wolverine Fund, and therefore the rest of us designated him as the trip’s CFO. He is also going to be running the BUS next year, so you know this guy knows how to party. (Yes, there are 2 out of the 5 BUS leaders on this trek, so it’s basically going to be a week-long European tailgate.) This accent-less Boston-born Lakers fan (huh?) is also a wicked DJ and will impress you with some serious dance moves. So make some space on the European dance floor because this guy is about to school you! For these and many more reasons MacCalvin is not your basic beach!