Madeleine Carnemark

Madeleine, along with Joe, is one of those Erbers your parents warned you about. After eating and drinking her way through New Orleans for several years while pursuing the ever practical philosophy degree, Madeleine moved to Washington DC to lobby on behalf of bees (did you know they are dying at an alarming rate?!?!). After congress voted in a groundbreaking  unanimous decision to stop hearing random bee trivia, Madeleine left the NGO life and decided to dismantle capitalism from the inside (mostly joking) by joining the ranks of the MBA elites. Sustainable food justice warrior by night, strategy consultant douche by day she equally loves time spent in the ecology lab studying soil biology, as she does hanging out at Skeeps doing anthropological studies of banker bros.

On this trip you will find her worrying that you forgot your sunscreen (I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom), attempting to break the ice 3 layers below your first layer of ice (late night conversations on the meaning of life anyone?!), and geeking out over cool bugs and epic volcano views.