Maggie Fleming

While the rest of the leaders will be bringing plenty of spice, Maggie is about as sweet as Rossers come—unless you don’t feed her for a while, in which case, godspeed (seriously, feed her). Boston born-and-raised, she is an impossibly endearing collection of trail mix, great dad jokes, scarves, and the word “lovely”. But don’t be fooled by her homeliness: this ex-Dartmouth high jumper can reach stunning heights (ha!) of ridiculousness when the situation calls—namely when she’s on a dance floor with Emily. Maggie was all things international development prior to Ross and will be heading to Nike for her summer internship, mostly to see if she can accumulate as much Nike gear as Bidnam. When she’s not sitting in the sun or by a fireplace, you can find her strolling the aisles of Trader Joe’s, doing spin classes, or shamelessly drinking margaritas at places you shouldn’t be ordering margaritas. Maggie is most excited to (hopefully) see elephants at Khao Sok National Park…where she’ll probably try to order a margarita as well.