Maggie Vasquez

Maggie “My Real Name is Margarita” Vasquez is our resident Bali expert. She’s the only one who has actually been to Bali and she has made some sick recommendations for our group. She’s originally from the best place in the world, Los Angeles, CA, where she visits frequently solely for copious amounts of tacos and In n Out. Not to mention her need to keep that base tan. Prior to Ross she went to UC Berkeley where she lived a traditional sorority life and became supes fashionable. The weirdest thing she’s ever eaten is a Rocky Mountain oyster, if you’ve never heard of them I challenge you to find out! We’re going to change her aversion for local delicacies by tricking her into eating weird food in Bali (Shhh!). On her last visit to Bali she struck a friendship with Bali’s local celebrities at the Ubud Monkey forest, she looks forward to hanging with them but make sure she doesn’t get too friendly with these furry thieves. Maggie is also excited for some beach time as she is convinced she knows how to surf.. Did we mention she can’t swim? After surfing she is most looking forward to Potato Head Beach Club where she plans to splish splash around with her favorites.. Australians.

Likes: Canada onesies, TEQUILA, HATS!, hosting dinner parties
Dislikes: When people call her Margarita without a Spanish accent, airplanes, airports, sharing beach towels, the most recent Bachelor