Manasa Adeni

Hailing from trendy Austin and sunny L.A., Manasa moved all the way to the center of stardom, Ann Arbor, to ‘chase the new fetch’, an MBA. Lover of the Queen B and all things shiplap, she’s a former Instagram star followed by the likes of Chrissy Teigen, invented the term ‘glam casual’, and claims to be the ‘greatest Mtrek leader of our generation’. Prior to roughing it with the rest of us, Manasa was working in sales at Spotify, the dream company of nearly every tech minded MBA1. Our trip is hot off the heels of her marketing and brand management internship, you should ask her about it. She’ll be the one sipping Mai Tais by the beach and soaking in the sun.

Nickname: TBD (She promises to tell us the juicy ones after a few drinks)

First Concert: The Killers

Drink of Choice: Red Red Wine