Marah Alindogan

(TRAIN WHISTLE)!!!!!! All aboard the content express baby! This bad mama jama has the Instagram prowess of Kylie Jenner and the handles of Steph Curry. Marah is our resident college athlete/influencer/West Coast betch. Beyond taking thirst trap pics, idolizing Ariana Grande, and playing PR to Neil Dave’s sleeveless image (*see Neil Dave’s bio*), she’s also the only person at Ross who can explain why taking a shot of vinegar and mustard with your cucumber-infused meal is beneficial for your health in layman’s terms. Her ability to workout every single day without fail will cause at least one of us to begrudgingly workout on vacation (note the word begrudgingly) – but all in all, this girl will be your biggest WOO! girl and the #1 supporter of everyone else’s debauchery.