Marcos and Tarcila


The Basics: Originally from Rio de Janeiro, I’ve lived in several places and I always loved the sunny beach coast of Brazil. I’m an electrical engineer who also worked in management consulting and, prior to Ross, I was working for two Softbank ventures in Latin America. Outside work, I’m an avid sports fan (soccer, running, triathlon, frisbee, crossfit… you name it!). When not using my energy in sports, I’m planning my next backpacking trip or my next electronic music festival. Last year, my wife and I went to Tomorrowland in Belgium and it was a blast!

How my partner would describe me: As someone very organized (aka excel/Trello freak), who loves sports, Netflix, cooking. Perhaps also someone who’s a bit nerdy and who never, ever, stops listening to music.

Favorite place I’ve traveled: Atacama Desert and Salar de Uyuni. These two places are magical and have an amazing energy. It’s a combination of desert, rock mountains, beautiful lakes and landscapes and the largest salt desert in the world. We spent close to 12 days on an offroad trip to these locations and totally worth it!

Weirdest quirk about my partner: She eats raw cow’s liver. Not kidding. Just a raw, red and juicy steak and she’s on it.

My perfect MTrek day: I’m fully onboard with Kate and Carly’s plan! It sounds like a great combination of getting to know new places, exploring nature and the cities and finish the day with a great wine (or beer!).

Ask me about: Electronic music festivals, life as an international recruiting for Tech/Operations, sports, beers and backpacking experience.


The Basics: Originally from Campinas/SP, I was raised and grew in Rio de Janeiro. I´ve worked with children and teenagers as a Portuguese teacher, before changing my career to Facilities management when I moved to São Paulo City when I worked as a Facilities Coordinator responsible for the company’s infrastructure and employee’s user experience for two amazing Tech Companies. Here in AA I enjoy the time that I have to develop my English skills, to take care of myself and to discover new activities and hobbies, such as photography and cooking.

How my partner would describe me: As bit indecisive when I have a lot of options to choose. Going to restaurants/bars with a big menu is always a 15 min brainstorm about what to order.

Favorite place I’ve traveled: Stonehenge is definitely a remarkable and mystical place, surrounded by an amazing landscape and with great history behind those stones. I loved it and I would definitely come back!

Weirdest quirk about my partner: My husband is a bit of a geek math lover, so everything that he can set as a number, it’s always a prime number! For example: the volume on TV is always on 19, 23 or 29. He would set the microwave to 59 sec instead of 1min and so on…

My perfect MTrek day: I know that would be repetitive, but everyone before me answers exactly what I think it’s the best Mtrek day, except the beer part, I prefer a good drink or wine.

Ask me about: Electronic music festivals, life as an international partner, dogs, astrology, cooking and hair tips.