Marcus Tenenbaum

A technology and consulting professional by day, and chef extraordinaire by night, this New York native will settle the NY-Chicago pizza debate for you – FORGETTABOUTIT!  After working in White House cyber security for a couple years (No Donald, Wall123 is not a secure password), we’re pretty sure Marcus knows what’s hiding in Area 51.  When he’s not casing up a storm, you can find Marcus on-campus harassing Big Ten Hockey opponents and going for extended “jogs” at the gym.  You can always count on Marcus for a nice home-cooked meal and to plan a lunch when you need it the most. If Gillian is your Trek-Mom from 9AM-5PM, Marcus is your Trek-Dad from 5PM-9AM.  Whether you need a Tuk-Tuk home or a Tuck-Tuck-In, Marcus is your man.