Mariel Sena

This fine feline of a female went to “school in Boston” and played hardball in softball. She then took her talents to Vegas working in the restaurant industry and SF to revolutionize the start-up scene. She’s known around Ross for crushing a themed party, and take it from us, she will NOT allow you to go to a party without dressing up (^^her picture) or at least throwing some themed makeup on – see MBGay 2020, any Risky concert, etc. Not only is she the life of the party, but she’s an admirable, caring, and kind human who will make you comfortable enough to spill all your life secrets, but don’t worry she’ll share back. She put herself out there during OutX, an event that brings the whole Ross community together. It was pure excellence in sharing an important message, so if you need help with public speaking, she’s your lady. Another Follies stand-out, ask her about her role as “Mama D”, especially if you’re looking to recruit for consulting! Speaking of, she’ll be taking her talents to human capital consulting at Deloitte this summer – so if you’re into that, don’t miss out on this bonding experience with her – we ensure even school and work talk with her won’t be a bore, because she promises tequila, and where there is Mariel and Tequila there is fun.