Mark DelGuidice

Hailing from the great “live free or die” state (New Hampshire) where he was likely raised by a pack of wild wolves, Mark escaped the backwoods, though his whereabouts between then and now are unaccounted for. Presumably he didn’t go to college because based on the way this guy parties, he seems to be making up for lost time. But he’s doing a mighty fine job of it. Mark has really made a name for himself at Ross. When asked, people describe him as “pretty drunk last night,” or “that guy that sends more snapchats than my 14 year old cousin.” Mr. Selfie may not be the most parental of your trek leaders, but he will definitely make sure you have the best time of your lives. We’re sure he’ll walk barefoot and shitfaced straight into your heart.

LIKES: flannel, #selfies, drunk hockey