Mark Kanter

Mark “DJ Newmark” Kanter hails from the Midwest paradise of Kansas City, but prior to Ross, he spent 7 years in New York working in wealth management by day and honing his comedy and music skills by night. However, despite devoting countless hours and thousands of dollars to music and comedy, all he really has to show for his efforts are a couple go-to karaoke songs and a mediocre Barack Obama impression. He is also a real meat lover who might be single-handedly keeping Arby’s in business. At Ross, Mark has done an incredible job of being ostensibly involved in several high-profile campus groups (Follies, the Bus, etc.) while not actually doing much work for said groups; it’s a true talent. One thing that’s not a joking matter is Mark’s commitment to his school work and career in marketing. He is the VP of Education for the Michigan Marketing Club and will be working in food brand management in Chicago this summer. Mark is pumped for M.I.A. and is already crafting the perfect Spotify playlist for the trip.