Mark “Photo Finish” Douple

Have you ever met an Eagles fan you actually liked? Well, we didn’t think it was possible until Mark “Photo Finish” Douple sprinted into our lives.  When he isn’t watching the Eagles lose, playing soccer, or challenging you to a foot race, this Philly-native can be found at Garage Bar, taking full advantage of the happy hour specials. PBR, anyone? Behind the facade of his Peace Corps days in Cambodia, lies an aspiring Insta-star. The Kardashians won’t know what hit them as Photo Finish™ collects his fans one country at a time. His drive to become bigger than Kylie Jenner led him to Ross where he has mastered the 4 P’s and 5 C’s of Marketing that will skyrocket him into insta-stardom. He is truly the hero you neither need nor deserve, but will force his way into your heart and your IG feed one post at a time. If you were looking for a new Bumble profile pic, have no fear,  Mark won’t let you leave M-trek without one.