Matt Raskind

Matt hails from the city of LeBron and much like LeBron, he’s the one that ties our team together. Matt can speak about the Roman ruins in Durrës just as easily as he can speak about the alcoholic content of Raki (although, he’d much rather be sipping on a cold beer). Before he became a Wolverine, Matt did his undergrad at a small school on the border of New Hampshire and Vermont (I always forget the name). However, don’t let his brains fool you, Matt’s the most down to earth guy you’ll meet. He’ll even keep John and Sara in line.  Matt can talk to you about anything from 90’s movies, to the latest trade rumors; from art history, to the latest developments in Tech; all while making you feel at home, even when you are halfway across the world. By the end of the trip, you’ll all know why Matt’s the real MVP.