Max Smith

Have you ever dreamed of meeting one of the team members responsible for the raid of Osama Bin Laden?  Well, that’s not Max, but he did spend two tours in Afghanistan playing cards with boys ages 18-26. If he’s not getting absolutely deezed in The Yard gym or chasing Alex’s hand-me-downs, you can find Max in Tozzi aka investment banking detention, recording the 10-year treasury yield on the whiteboard for hours at a time. Don’t be intimidated by Max’s high energy and impressive posterior, though. This cheery Floridian is an early bird and will fry you up an egg on his 8 pack while walking you through a 14-page analysis on his MBA1 year chill:pull (but mostly chill) ratio. Max may be from the south but this twine-tickling top-ched beauty can talk hockey and imitate the guy from Trailer Park Boys better than almost anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line. He’s also your go-to photographer/hype man and will go to the ends of the earth to make sure you’re looking like a 20/10 in all your pictures.