Meghan Kiesel

Hailing from “Wine”etonka, MN, Meghan is that girl you want on your side when someone asks you to pivot. No, it’s not a cool dance. It’s those fancy Excel skills drilled into her in her former life by Uncle D. Of course we don’t just value her for her Microsoft Office skills; there are those baking skills she will put to use to make you a cake when you land your internship! (Taste may vary.) She is also surprisingly fluent in Mandarin for being a small-town Midwestern girl, which won’t really help us in Brazil, but hey, it’ll kill in two truths and a lie. Adding to her list of accomplishments, she also tried to maneuver her way onto the boys lacrosse team in high school. Gotta love a go-getter. After getting boxed out (get it?) of lacrosse, she made skiing her main bae and is definitely the person you want to roll with when the Boyne ski trip rolls around.

Meghan is the rainmaker of her b-school network and is definitely the one you wanna party with (especially at the BUS), so long as you profess your undying love for Tom Brady. Even if you don’t, she’ll still go above and beyond to make Ross (and BRAZIL!!!) the most amazing experience you’ve had.

In the immortal words of Meghan – IT’S HAPPENING!