Meghan Sheehan

Meghan Sheehan hails from Cheshire, Connecticut. Because any and all allusions to Alice in Wonderland or to her grabbing our collective “Eggo™” would be hackneyed we’ll skip to the “important stuff.” This native New Englander sits in stark contrast to the puritanical ways of yesteryear. For one, Meghan is the only person ever to be removed from an MTrek activity due to a “fragrant dress code violation.” This leaves a lot to the imagination or does it? This Colgate grad eschewed her past hedge fund ambitions after reading Michael Lewis’ Big Short. She thought to herself “I could pillage the economy or pillage Rick’s and let’s face it, Rick’s plays better jams.” Pursuing a career in Corporate Innovation, i.e. flying the spaghetti of ideas to the walls and seeing what sticks, Megho serves an important role in this trek. Her love for life and all creatures forced her to save Cam the Chameleon from uncertain doom in Spain. (See picture attached.) We hope this faith in life, keeps her helping us in the perils of journey. More so, in last year’s MTrek, during a late night in Amsterdam, having outwitted and outlasted sobriety, Megho walked into the No-No Zone. She describes the Zone as “a place of bliss” that makes you “feel warm and tingly, like Goldschlager.” Does Megho hold the key to finding the No-No Zone? Was she just “intoxicated” in Amsterdam? Join us to find out.