Melanie Wagner

No one likes Melanie Wagner (a.k.a. Mel-Bell, Wags, M-Dub, The Destroyer, Dat-Ass-Doe, The Blonde Mamba). Like seriously. She is the worst. Just kidding…she’s like whatever. If you love feisty, sassy, and sarcastic blondes who love to tell people they’re really interested in health and wellness, Melanie is probably your girl. Have you had difficulty stalking Melanie on Facebook? That’s likely because she changed the W in her last name to 2 Vs so potential employers can’t see her scandelous photos. If that’s not badass I don’t know what is. If you’re looking for Melanie in Ann Arbor, there’s a good chance she’s stumbling around at the BUS, slamming back fireball at Rick’s, sweating all over people on the dance floor at LIVE, people watching in the Winter Garden, or schmoozing at Ross about the good ol’ days when she used to bully nerds back in Boston, crush beers in Chi-town, or live under a bridge in the Sunshine state.

Likes: Copying Mark’s selfie face, Scott Whaley, judging people