Meredith Chapekis

The volcanic eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 sounded like a gentle whisper in the Croatian night compared to this Greek goddess’ belly flop that netted her the 2020 Boyne Female Championship title. Our very own double Wolverine, Murda knows all there is to know about Ann Arbor and can impart her wisdom on what not to do at Ricks better than anyone. Don’t let her love of fitness and founder status of FitX confuse you, Mer has a real addiction to grilled cheese and just the word “feta” sends her into a tizzy. Like a mysterious spectre in the distance, you never know with absolute certainty what Mer is thinking, but you can always count on her to bust a move at any time, on land or at sea. Her sporty, yet chic, backpack will be the home of every one of your items at one point or another, and her caring soul will unlock heart-to-hearts throughout the trip. Get excited to discover how Murda got her title.