Michael, aka “Magic Mike”

Michael aka “Magic Mike”, aka “Mikey from the Bronx,” aka “Michael from Chicago” will win you over with his Midwestern charm and extensive tweed collection.  Think the grandpa from Up as a young man.  Michael surprised us all with his dance moves – especially when he outdanced the club promoter during last year’s mystery trip. Thunder from Down Under style.   Prior to Ross, Michael worked in the art world in New York, but he will be taking the clubs in Wisconsin by storm as he embarks on a marketing internship at a CPG firm.  And he keeps all of his old receipts so you know that all of the slush fund $$ will go to good use and we will not..I repeat…we will not be over budget.

Ask him about:  How to listen intently/how to balance a checkbook

Don’t ask him about:  Where to find the bathroom