Michael Evertsberg

Mike and his favorite beer the Founder’s Dirty Bastard both hail from Grand Rapids, MI. But spend enough time with Mike and you shall get the more laid-back West coast vibe and will leave feeling convinced that your future calling is in the Bay Area. An avid skier, Mike will give you a run down on the nuances of slopes in Lake Tahoe and Whistler! Another double wolverine- that’s right, Mike studied undergrad at Michigan- Mike knows the daily happy hours and specials at Ann Arbor’s finest and hence a good person to know. In all seriousness, Mike’s knowledge and his passion for social impact and tech will leave you with nothing but admiration for the man. Don’t be fooled by his calm demeanor either, misbehave and this TFA veteran will give you a stern telling-off on this trip! Mike will bring life to the party, be the last man to leave, and still wake up at 7am the next day ready to go. In short, he will be up for a night out at all times…However, don’t rely on his fluency in Spanish to skip the line outside that nightclub in Krakow!