Michael Stampfler

Straight out of the Navy, Michael “Secret Service” Stampfler is on this trip to keep the rest of us in line and up to military standards. He’s used to fighting drug lords and narco bosses, so be prepared for early mornings and stringent grooming standards…challenge him and see what happens! We’re not totally sure if he’s actually a Rosser, though, because we’ve only seen him at Skeeps once. Don’t be surprised or ask questions when he disappears for an afternoon or two nights in a row: he’ll come back, we promise. And don’t sign up for this trip unless you can commit to watching “Apocalypse Now” and all the other associated war movies before coming – there will be a quiz upon arrival at the airport. As an expert swimmer who has dived all over the world, don’t stress if you fall overboard in Halong Bay. Mike will save you, assuming he is coherent enough to realize you fell in.

  • Words of wisdom: Polish your Tinder skills before you get here. Yes to puppy pics, no to selfies.
  • Favorite thing on the internet: Battle dancing
  • Where you’ll see him in Vietnam: You won’t