Michelle “Snoop” Yi

Just when you think you have this former Army Commander figured out, she’ll show up in her Snoopy Pajamas bearing a TGIFriday’s takeout order, conveniently delivered by her friends at UberEats. When she is not scooting around town on her personal electric scooter (Bird is trying to re-recruit her in the fall), she generously offers her skincare consulting services pro bono to friends and AFA members alike. A health enthusiast and founder of the “Keto When It is Convenient” Ann Arbor chapter, she will assure you it is fine to eat ranch dressing on the Whole 30 diet. The team is currently lobbying Michelle to drive her Subaru out west to provide shuttle services from Sonoma to Yosemite and pass on these savings to you, our beloved MTrek crew. We all wait with anticipation and fear for the unveiling of “Vegas Michelle.” We (aka her entourage) have been told to not schedule anything before 4:30pm and to remember who really is the star of the show. Commander Yi was selected for the prestigious K-Pop MAP project, which entailed an immersive week of K-Pop bootcamp, the rigor of which exceeded her military training. Nobody puts baby in a corner and nobody puts Michelle Yi in a box.