Miguel Corral

Born on a rainy Friday the 13th on tour bus in the Rocky Mountains, Miggs has been no stranger to bizarre situations. He once hitchhiked in the countryside of France and was picked up by a chain smoking driver’s ed instructor… with her student driver at the helm! He once ate brain out of a sheep’s skull (It was cooked of course… so he claims). But most insane of all, he is a veteran Mystery Trekker, one of the few remaining people who can still tell the tale of “Mystery 4.0: Into the No-No Zone.” Everyone is still alive mind you, they just literally don’t remember. Miggs went missing after that epic journey, after a long search but we found him buried deep within the basement of the Winter Garden, chunks of hair ripped out, unshowered, and face unshaven from studying operations and stats. We convinced him to help us lead the fifth annual Mystery journey into the unknown, to which he only grinned and replied, “Bring me a razor…”

Favorite Hashtag: #badhombre

Influential 90’s Show: Saved by the Bell