Mikaela Rodkin

Don’t let Mikaela’s warm demeanor and friendliness fool you — she has serious cred as an adventuring badass. Her travels have taken her around the world doing normal things like, you know, sailing to Antarctica on a wooden pirate ship and dodging giant rolling boulders in Nepal to glimpse Everest from 18,500 feet… #nbd. In between her epic adventures, Mikaela balances a serious love-of-party (see you on the dance floor, girl) with stunning studiousness, pursuing dual degrees at Ross and the School of Natural Resources and the Environment… #nbd. In her free time, Mikaela does normal things like launching a startup to combat food insecurity in urban settings… #nbd. In France, we expect her to become fluent in French and ride an extra 50 miles each day while we are taking naps… #nbd.