Mike Dea

Originally from Toronto, Mike finally accomplished his dream of moving to America when he was accepted at Ross… just kidding, he went to Dartmouth and lived in SF before business school. Still, Mike came to Ross with much acclaim – at least in his own mind – and is quick to remind people that he was named top 35 under 35 in the reinsurance industry. Having already conquered one industry, Mike will be working in technology this summer as a product manager in Seattle. Mike also has a great eye for talent. He attended high school with Drake and once proclaimed that he had “no rap skills and should probably just stick to acting.” Mike is also known for his organization; the only thing he has ever lost is his hair, though he’s still trying to find it. At Ross, Mike holds leadership positions with several clubs/organizations, though his status as president of the Ross Ski Club was recently called into question when he skied directly into a tree and broke multiple bones in his shoulder. In preparation for M.I.A., Mike is currently on a worldwide search for SPF 200 sunscreen.