Mike Podelnyk

Mike hails from the state of Michigan and as such, can’t stay off the ice. He played professional hockey where he earned the nicknamed “Poodle.” We’re still trying to understand where that came from, but we think it has to do with his fighting style. When not on the ice, this recovering (no, always relapsing) Bro can be found dabbling in homework, at the dentist getting his fake teeth whitened or trying to score at Ricks. The best part about this MTrek is that Mike Poodle likes to challenge Secret Service to battle dances. When the dance floor is empty and the lights go down, it gets really, really weird.

  • Words of wisdom: You’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
  • Favorite holiday: Canadian Independence Day (wait, that hasn’t happened yet, right? Aren’t they still related to America?)
  • What he’ll be wearing in Vietnam: Boat shoes, hockey jersey over a popped-collar and wristbands