Mitch Polelle aka “Big Guy” or “Baba G”

An insufferable Badgers fan, Mitch hails from Univ. of Wisconsin. Mitch lived in NYC and Denver before Ross, and will remain crushing the slopes in the Colorado Rockies (as he’s sure to tell you about non-stop). As JMO’s ultimate partner in crime (can you spell bromance), this dynamic duo will be sure to rock your socks off through Spain. The key to this Wisconsin giant’s heart is through his stomach. He’s often seen eating a meat and cheese sampler platter during 8 AM core classes (sitting in the front row did not deter him in the least). He swears it’s never too early for lasagna. Plus, he was once caught eating a bowl of cereal alone in his room in the middle of a house party. Trust us, buy him some food and you will immediately be in his good graces and likely a recipient of his legendary bear hugs.  Despite the delicious wines of Spain, Mitch will remain loyal to exclusively shotgunning Hamms, ‘the gatorade of Wisconsin’. On our adventures, Mitch will be our drinking game organizer (an unparalleled beer pong partner to Maggie).