Moji “Almost a Palindrome” Jimoh

Moji once ran a marathon, because it was on her way. If opportunity knocks and she’s not home, opportunity waits. She’s your spirit animal’s spirit animal. She is…. THE MOST INTERESTING PERSON AT ROSS. But really Moji is Ross’ biggest cheerleader and renewable source of positive energy, fueled by Hamilton, Disney movies, and smiles. She’s run three half-marathons through Disney parks (but really tho) during which she told Gaston to drop and give her twenty and then beat him so hard he cried for mommy. Prior to Ross, Moji used her MIT Engineering degree to improve Washington DC’s transit system, and now she’s on a quest to become the world’s happiest investment banker! At Ross, Moji is the hype and hustle train that goes harder than the Energizer Bunny: she’s the Co-President of the Gourmet Club and the Professional Development Chair of Section 4!

Her natural habitat: a cozy library

Ask her about: Investment Banking recruiting, young adult fantasy novels, saving Dean DeRue from choking on a grape (or not)