Molly Fallon

Molly Fallon. The Loch Ness Monster. Sasquatch. El Chupacabra. All high powered, enigmatic figures, but only one is your fearless MTrek leader. This titan of the healthcare industry is well researched in the dangers of high cholesterol, and yet has a freezer full of solely dino nugs and pizza rolls. The M Night Shyamalan of her own past, you may think you know how her prom story is going to end but you’re wrong. Her date’s a former convict with $100K taped to the underside of his mom’s baby grand piano. Think her embarrassing middle school story ends with her pretending to run track while secretly captaining the West Des Moines Valley Middle High Mime Troupe? Incorrect. Downstairs Molly’s skills aren’t just limited to story-telling however. Her lung capacity to inflate unnecessary unicorn pool toys and innate ability to simultaneously destroy you in obscure party games will leave you spinning. Ask Molly about the drama on Temptation Island, but be prepared to bare your soul as she asks you hard-hitting questions and assures you that “you are validated in your feelings.” If you’re nice, Molly might (extremely reluctantly) tell you how she got the nickname “Hot Dog Molly” in her first week at Ross.