Mulin Jia

Mulin is super chilled. And he is chilled because he wears shorts in snowing winter. Born and raised in Shenyang China, a place snows more than Ann Arbor, he became chilled. He is a diehard for Brutal Death Metal, and he once played as guitar in a band, without really knowing to how play a guitar. He has also been calling himself a pro billiard player for 15 years, until beaten out by the real pros. He worked as a PE/VC investment manager before MBA, and all he can share with you out of this experience is some dirty words. He spent 4 years in Los Angeles for undergrad, which added nothing to him but weight, for that UCLA didn’t even offer him an interview for MBA application. Lastly, he doesn’t have a picture wearing an “M”, not meaning that he doesn’t love Michigan, just because he is super chilled.