Nancy Kasvosve

Born and raised in the beautiful country of Zimbabwe, Nancy is a former trillionaire( in Zimbabwean dollars) and a bad ass of sorts, for so many reasons, that you will find out on this trip! Her actual dream job is to be a backup dancer for Beyonce, and while she waits for this to come to, she finesses her trade at Ricks every weekend and well, goes to classes…sometimes. With Nancy you will also be in the presence of a future Nobel Prize Winner( still working on what this will be for).On that note she will be following a strictly no-pictures-while-raging policy on this trip, lest the Nobel committee digs them up and use them to deprive her of her well deserved fame and fortune in the near future! Nancy is excited to bring Rossers to her country and share some if its secrets with ya’ll and if you are lucky enough she might just take you home to mama and you can enjoy some sadza and peanut butter beef stew!