Nate Marrone

Nate hails from Worcester, MA, he loves macaroni & cheese, long walks on the beach, and in-depth discussions about blockchain/bitcoin/buzz words. Before coming to Ross, Nate was already Epic! Not that he was cool, just that he worked at Epic Systems. But, don’t worry folks, a steady diet of personal pitchers at Skeeps and beer bongs at the BUS have turned him into the champ that he is today. Speaking of being a champ, did we mention that Nate is a rodeo champion!!! Embodying the work hard-ish, play extremely hard attitude that we try to instill at Ross, Nate is also on the Executive Board of the Consulting Club but is most proud of his involvement in Maize & Brew and Ski Club. He is excited to meet the new crew and even more excited to get to beaching and boozing!

Likes: Dogs, skiing, guitars, running cross-country (very rarely).
Dislikes: Eating crickets, getting beer-ed (that is when someone throws a beer in your face which is apparently something his friends from Johns Hopkins do when they get together)