Neil Dave aka “@thebigdealneil”

@thebigdealneil is our reigning social media influencer. You can often find him scoping locations for the PERFECT insta shot, which for Neil captures equally the beauty of the location as well as his biceps. The quality of the picture is rivaled only by his captions. Don’t believe us? Head over to his profile now to check his body of work. While you’re at it, throw him a follow, and maybe a few likes.. Seriously, it will make him feel whole. Excellent at puns and likes to force people to take pictures, can you say Trek Dad?? Coming to Ross from the Big Apple, Neil is a recovering finance bro with a serious Krave cereal addiction. While he remains adamant that it’s not a problem, anyone who has spent any time with him knows the truth. Neil is well-known as being sleeveless 24/7 (those guns, though) and showing off his dance moves atop the acclaimed BUS at the weekly tailgates. On the Trek Neil will use his insta skills for good, helping us capture the **memories** and brainstorming captions for all the pics that will make your friends jealous and your fam relieved that you’ve already made friends in business school.