Neil “Six Sigma” Yeolekar

Our main man Neil is a modern day Renaissance guy. Engineer by day and thespian by night, he hails from the Indiana of India and also has called Indiana, USA home IRL. Coveted by McKinsey and Follies alike, we often ask ourselves 1) how did we land ourselves this international superstar and 2) when we do get to learn his casing skills? Don’t be fooled by his seemingly demure ways, we will all bear witness to Night Neil applying a lean management framework to bottle service. He wanted the whole MTrek to be on the Strip, but we had to talk him off the ledge. He is our resident polyglot, speaking Marathi, English, SQL, and Python. If you want Matlab knowledge and a backstage pass to Cirque du Soleil to kick off your MBA ~*journey*~, Neil ensures this is a buy one, get one situation.