Olivia Katz

Hailing from the Big Apple, Olivia brings her New York sass to the flyover states. Fittingly, Olivia is a sucker for the spotlight. She is a triple threat: dancer, singer, and actor. Olivia’s golden pipes are always on showcase at Follies and Ross Band performances. She’s been called the female Ryan Gosling of our generation. At Ross, however, she is more frequently called Yoko Ono for her role in the split-up of the now defunct Ross acapella group “CEOs”. Olivia represents 50% of the female membership in the Energy Club at Ross and, like every MBA interested in a specific industry and job function, she is pursuing a career in management consulting. Olivia’s excessive positive energy has been known to cause people to break out into spontaneous elaborate dance choreography. Well known for never being on time, she puts the “late” into fashionably late.

Likes: lumberjacks, quidditch, shreddin’ pow, timely submission of homework

Hidden talent: can chug an entire liter of diet cola in under 30 seconds