Olivia “OG #Sass #Mood” Gordon

Hailing from Northwest Indiana (she’ll tell you it’s “Chicagoland”) and the Deloitte mafia, Olivia “OG” Gordon takes no prisoners and eats no meat. Known for her creative pronunciation of words (ask her how to pronounce “naivete”), proclivity for drinking wine even in the least classy of establishments, and her obsession with candles (as long as they aren’t vanilla scented!), Olivia brings passion and independence to our group and will help you unleash your inner free spirit. Don’t let this tall Midwesterner’s “laissez faire” attitude fool you, though – she’s a badass boss modern woman and will crush any obstacles in her way in pursuit of her goals, even on little sleep (#consulting #inhuman). Michael has learned this firsthand. One time he crossed OG and she hit him with a stick. Anyway, on Mtrek, you will find Olivia being not on time to events, giving out old school rock recommendations, inspiring our daily fitness routine, and cheerfully drinking and chatting (but not dancing) the night away in the clerbs before falling asleep blasting the same Fleetwood Mac jam in repeat (#c-trek). Olivia will be taking her talents to some startup called Google this summer.