Parker Caldwell

As the trek’s mastermind, Parker has worked tirelessly to delegate any and all planning responsibilities to Kyra. Parker was born in upstate New York in a county (Chenango) with more cows than people and comes to Ross from Chicago, where he worked in insurance. He is looking forward to applying his risk management skills to this trek (that is a joke – Kyra is in charge).

His sharp wit and devilish good looks are surpassed only by his infectious sense of humor. Seriously, he will laugh at anything. Anytime. Loudly and inappropriately, in class. With the Best Laugh of Loveland High School, 2007, he has earned his way into the hearts of many a Rosser. A sucker for architecture, ancient ruins, wineries, and all the finer things in life, Parker will ensure you get your share of cultural excursions and alcoholic beverages.