Pat Bailey

If you have ever done the rounds of Boston’s underground semi-pro karaoke scene, you probably heard of his by his stage name, “Patty Beatz.” If you haven’t, you’re missing out, but you’ll surely hear a rendition of Lost That Loving Feeling at some point sooner rather than later. When not stumbling through a song on stage, Pat is likely arguing with a non-New Englander about sports- likely revolving around his close friends Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. A competitor to the end, he enjoys nothing better than a good board game, preferably Settlers of Catan (no, that does not make him nerdy; its a wicked awesome game). Oh, and his arch nemesis is fellow leader Salami Shah. Prepare to watch their battle royale showdown unfold on the mean streets of Panama! Signature dance move: The White Boy Tango