Pat Buck

Since the on-boarding of our new Michigan Football savior, Sir Khaki aka Coach Harbaugh, many have noted the Coach’s striking resemblance to your most handsome MTrek leader. As a former Peace Corps teacher, he’s used to a little classroom management (if he reaches for the switch, trust us, take a step back) and so has decided to adopt this new nickname. His gig before Ross was as a full-time Biochemist so he’s pretty knowledgeable about all things sciency. Just don’t accuse him of being smart – he’ll prove you wrong in a heartbeat. And don’t be off put by this guy’s quiet demeanor. He’s rocked dance floors from West Africa to Tibet. Get enough alcohol in him and find out!

  • Words of Wisdom: Buck wild, and Buck hard!
  • Latest Gossip: Did you hear that Oxygen and Magnesium are dating? I was like, OMG!
  • How you’ll see him in Vietnam: A head taller than everyone else