Patrick “Jonesy” Jones

Do you want a man that will sunscreen his own body? Do you want a man that will bring his own Pedialyte to Europe? Do you want a man who won’t fall asleep on a park bench overnight in the town square? Well… then Jonesy is NOT your man. But, if you DO want a man who will full send it at every opportunity, Jonesy is your guy. This alleged investment banker on sabbatical is taking full advantage of the opportunity to drain his IB-backed bank account in destinations around the world. From skiing in Canada to yachting on catamarans on the Adriatic to bottle service in the best clubs in Europe, Jonesy will always guide you into the best adventures with absolutely 0 plan on how to get you back out. Details are inconsequential when you’re on a two-year break from closing deals and wearing suits. A double Wolverine, his legends are world renowned. There are rumors that he was born at Rick’s with a plate of No Thai in his hand. (Insert nice closing sentence about Jonesy here).