Paul Sutton

Rest assured future trekkers, Paul is not always as creepy as his photo might suggest. Last seen barbecuing “sustainably” harvested whale in the middle of the Diag, look for him to bring his grilling skillz to Iceland. While the rest of us are sporting our “BUS” t-shirts on football Saturdays, you can find him rocking his Michigan sweater vests at the Big House. After class, you can find this future consultant making rounds to all of the frats to relive his glory days as an undergrad, hoping to reconstruct his epic, three-story beer bong. Don’t let his homegrown midwestern background fool you–he’s the first to be breaking it down on the dance floor at Skeeps on Thursday nights. His obnoxious obsession with country music offsets his love for rapping Kanye and Lil’ Wayne songs, which will hopefully be excluded from the Iceland Supertruck playlist.